Mr. Morris Karate Essay

“What Karate has Done for Me” By Mr. Tony Moris – Age 21 (Started at Age 4)

This was an amazing essay from Mr. Morris! He has been with us at Mile High Karate for over 17 years and it was a pleasure reading his Black Belt Essay.

This is something we ask of all the Black Belts! Enjoy reading it too…

There are so many things karate has done for me over the many years…

I have been a part of it. As a child, people believed I needed to be put on medication for ADHD. Starting as young as four, I would run around in class and get off the floor whenever I felt like it. I would lay in the back of the huddle during the mat chats. I was by all means, a problem child. But my Parents wouldn’t put me on any medication. Instead they believed that Mile High Karate would do its job and mold me into something better.

         It has been a long, grueling and difficult journey. I won’t sugar coat it and tell you that everything went my way and it was all fun and joyous. I failed many times, I hurt myself more than I should have, and wanted to quit even more than that. With everything I have been through, I would never trade anything away. Everything I have done has made me who I am today. From my first time failing my brown red to high brown test, to failing my first prep cycle, to fracturing my tailbone a night before my first big test with many black belts. I went through a period of time where everyone of my friends that I have grown up with passed me in rank. They all went on to be black belts and do all the cool things black belts are able to do. While I stayed in level 3 as a brown red for 4 years. It wasn’t easy for me, I felt all my confidence go away, I felt like I would never ever be able to get my black belt. My spirit had been broken. I wanted to quit so many times, but I had a very strong support team. My parents, they wouldn’t let me give up. They wouldn’t let me stop just because I wanted to. Many times, I remember having to be drug to karate, the entire way complaining and griping. But once I got into the karate school I always had fun and always smiling, my parents knew that. I remember when I finally passed to my high brown. I was so happy, and I felt my confidence coming back. My mom was so excited that she started to cry and hug me. Then my first prep cycle test came along and I passed into prep cycle. I got complacent and decided to only work hard when people were watching me. I thought that was the way it was done. So, I gave it 70% when I was in prep cycle and 100% during the tests. Well… the black belts and my coordinators saw it, and I failed out of the first prep cycle. It was a wake up call for me and I decided to always give it my all, all the time. When I got into my second prep cycle, I was much better, and I worked much harder. And when I finally earned my black belt, I knew it was just the beginning of an amazing journey.

           Mile High Karate has done so much for me. It has made me a mentally and physically strong person. Mile High Karate helped me with my manners and my respect. I am a better person because of Mile High as well. I formed my own set of ideals that I stick by because of karate as well. I never give up and will always do my best. Karate also helped me realize that I wanted to be a teacher and do what I’m good at. Karate helped me figure out that karate is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Karate has given me the passion to help others when they are in need and be kind to everyone. Mile High Karate has helped me get my ADHD under control and disciplined my mind to be able to focus on anything I set my mind on. Karate helped my grow personally, physically, and even spiritually. I’m much more positive in every situation and find a solution instead of a problem. I always strive to grow and learn, not think that I know everything and there isn’t anything left to learn. Karate has given me amazing students that want to learn and have fun, and I can’t help but smile when they are around. Karate has given me many friends that I consider family, who even if they aren’t in karate anymore, I can still go see and feel like no time has passed since I last saw them. Karate has given me the ability to go in front of huge crowds and not get scared or nervous. Karate has given me mentors that I strive to be like; to have the confidence and practical application abilities like Master French Jr. Or the knowledge and wise demeanor of Master French Sr. The awesome flexibility and intensity of Master Galloway, and the know how and experience of both Grand Masters Oliver, and Smith. I am excited to see where I go in the future, see what I will do. I can’t believe I will be a black belt for ten years in 2019, its absolutely wild.

            Karate has done many, many amazing things in my life. Taught me so much about life. I truly am grateful for all of it. For all my failures, and successes, for all my teachers and students, for all the family I have made and people who have stuck by me till the very end. What karate has done for me. Karate has made me want to pass of the legacy and teachings to everyone, to make more generations of black belts that are way more amazing than myself. That is my goal, many more amazing black belts.

I hope you enjoyed this! One the many success stories from Karate!


Mr. Alan Ogle
2nd Degree Black Belt

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