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Kelly Towers
September 23, 2019

Westminster Mike High Karate has great owners and instructors who are committed to their students and the program! It’s so much more than punches and kicks! It’s growing fundamental leadership skills, self discipline, healthy habits, community and camaraderie! My daughter and I are working towards our black belt together and I can’t thank them enough Continue Reading

Christyle Russell
May 22, 2019

Children and adults wanting to study martial arts should do so at MHK in Westminster. The owners (Alan and Kelli) are professional, caring, and have a systematic and holistic process to help their students meet their goals. The black belt instructors are patient, energetic and before you know it you will realize that they have Continue Reading

Jeff B
May 22, 2019

Mike High Karate (Westminster) was a 5 Star review of mine 8 months ago when my daughter first began to take lessons. I really wish I could give them 10+ stars. Not only has my, now 8 year old exelled in school, at home, with manners and being more attentive but so have I as Continue Reading

Marc Nemeth
May 22, 2019

This program has been great for my family. We started my son when he was 4 years old, and I soon joined him on the floor. I was able to spend 100s of quality hours with my boy in an activity that we both could enjoy. My wife joined us a few years later. This Continue Reading

Heather Howitt
May 22, 2019

They genuinely care about their students and the families. They have a staff of wonderful instructors that take the time needed with each student with patience. They also have the staff to teach more advanced material, a win-win. High energy, yet focused on the “art” of martial arts. Our son, who is on spectrum, has Continue Reading

Terri Batts-Mahler
May 22, 2019

They have an outstanding program that focuses on the entire student. My grandson is not only learning karate but also has shown a great improvement with respect for himself and others, helping others without being asked and following through on his responsibilities. We are so glad that he joined Mile High Karate. He loves it.

Julie Bever
September 25, 2018

Kids really work on their please and thank you’s at home. They have more patience and respect for others. Doing karate gives them more confidence in their daily lives.

September 25, 2018

I am continuing to see many results, a year and a half after my 8 year old daughter’s first lesson. Focus, Commitment, Maturity, Improved Organizational Skills at home and school, Her Awareness to her surroundings and knowing right from wrong, Good from Bad, Improved Reading Skills, and of course SELF-DEFENSE! Please be aware that MHK Continue Reading

Kelly Greaves
September 25, 2018

Our son has been attending Westminster MHK for almost a year. He is now in the Leadership Program and will soon be testing for his Blue Belt. We have seen tremendous growth in his confidence and discipline. We cannot say enough great things about the Westminster MHK Family; they are the best!

Karate has taught me discipline at home and school
April 27, 2018

Before I was in karate I needed medication to focus. Now I don’t need it anymore because I have learned how to focus in karate class. Karate has taught me discipline at home and school. My parents don’t have to tell me over and over to do something. I do it on my own now. Continue Reading

An Awesome Karate School
April 27, 2018

Mile High Karate Westminster is an awesome Karate School. They genuinely care about my son, and expect greatness while filling him with praise. His confidence has grown greatly since beginning their program, and his focus in school and in sports has improved as well. This karate school has impacted him in other unexpected ways as Continue Reading

AMAZING improvements
April 27, 2018

Still new to the class but both my 4 yr old and my 6 yr old have already made AMAZING improvements at home with respecting themselves and others along with a great improvement in both their attitudes! Staying with the program as long as we can!

One of the best thing’s to happen to us
April 27, 2018

The team at Westminster Mile High Karate are an amazing unit. The level of professionalism, care, patience, and love for their craft. Is heart warming and refreshing. The impact on my daughter’s life is priceles. We took a chance while on an outing to the movies. And it has been one of the best thing’s Continue Reading