Limited In-Person Classes Starting Monday, May 11th

Starting Monday, May 11th we will be having small in-person classes.

Due to the guidelines, we can only have 10 people in the karate school at one time. 2 instructors. 8 students.

Parents – please plan on staying outside or in your car during class times.

To sign up for in-person classes, go to:

Zoom and YouTube will also be available for all classes (per usual).

All students and instructors must wear a mask (please provide your own) and keep a 6ft distance. We will be marking off the floor to stay within these guidelines. We will be cleaning double time to insure a safe environment for all students and instructors.

We are keeping the modified virtual class schedule until we can get back to normal in-person classes.


If you would like a private lesson with one of our instructors, please shoot us an email or text and we will schedule that during the week.

Westminster Mile High Karate

11265 Decatur St. (112th & Federal)

Westminster, CO 80234
Phone: 303-426-0277