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Mile High Karate has developed 1,000’s of Black Belts including school owners Kellie and Alan Ogle. Alan and Kellie began training alongside their two daughters, Makayla and Trinity in 2013 and then had an opportunity to take over the Westminster Mile High school in 2015.

The style we teach has evolved from ancient and traditional Korean styles that grew to be called Tang Soo Do in the early 1900’s. Won Kook Lee who taught the Chung Do Kwon system (Chung Do Kwon is an actual school in Seoul, Korea), was the original teacher of Jhoon Rhee, who became the first Korean instructor to professionally teach Korean Martial arts in the United States beginning in 1956.

In the United States, Jhoon Rhee first started teaching in Texas. Many early students evolved from Jhoon Rhee’s time in Texas and Oklahoma including- Jeff Smith (1963) in Texas (who would become the #1-point fighting champion then evolve into the World Light- heavyweight full-contact champion) and, Stephen Oliver (1969) in Oklahoma.

In 1983 Stephen Oliver moved to Denver and opened 5 Mile High Karate schools in 18 months – 6 in 30 months. He would promote the Mile High Karate Classic for ten years, one of the top Martial Arts Tournaments in North America = he became a Board of Director’s member of the National Sport Karate Association (NASKA) and the US Martial Arts Association. He went on to become the leader in teaching Martial Artists Internationally effective teaching, student development and school operations. Impacting many hundreds of thousands of students throughout the world.

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Why Choose Westminster Mile High Karate?

Gain self-discipline, focus, better grades, confidence, and temper control while enjoying fun classes

Welcome to the Westminster Mile High Karate family! Whether you are an adult looking to stay physically fit or learn self-defense, have a child who could use a little more confidence, or even a teen who wants to learn leadership skills and form new friendships, you’ve come to the right place.

We are here to help you become a better version of yourself.

Challenging Classes

You won’t find the same boring routines class after class here in Westminster, CO. We want to nudge you outside of your comfort zone and encourage you to push a little harder – all while keeping it fun in the process!

We work hard to have a good mix of dynamic martial arts training and sparring, practical self-defense drills, and challenging weapons routines.
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Real Life Skills and Positive Encouragement

It’s way more than the physical stuff. In Westminster Mile High Karate classes, we talk about Life Skills – a LOT. You’ll hear words like Honesty, Respect, Discipline, Belief & Self-Esteem – in every class. We want you to walk away from every class feeling more empowered both physically AND mentally.

And who doesn’t need encouragement? In the old days, you’d practice a drill over and over until your bones ached and you wanted to collapse, just to have the instructor come by and tell you, “You’re doing it wrong.” That was then, and those days are over. Instead, we believe in the concept of calling a student out because they’re doing it RIGHT. When the whole class turns to look at little Bobby who just got praised out loud for executing a perfect block, how do you think that makes him feel? That’s right – he feels AWESOME! And soon, the other students are striving to get ‘called out’ too. Positive encouragement really works!

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happy parent with child

The team at Westminster Mile High Karate are an amazing unit. The level of professionalism, care, patience, and love for their craft. Is heart warming and refreshing. The impact on my daughter’s life is priceles. We took a chance while on an outing to the movies. And it has been one of the best thing’s Continue Reading

The Zander Family April 27, 2018

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